We are your full-service event partners. Our expert teams work closely across all your needs to help you create the experience you desire.

From elaborate Weddings, Engagements and Private Functions to Corporate Events and Conferences, our Halls are designed to cater to a wide range of needs, supported by on-site banqueting, event design, adornment and staffing solutions which combine to make the occasion unforgettable.


White Palace echoes your ultimate desires and it does so with flair. Every detail is completely customizable so that the venue transforms from a royal wedding venue one day, into a sophisticated destination for a top-level corporate event the very next day.

This is a destination that holds unlimited potential for your very special occasions. If you have great ideas, we have the tools to make it reality.


From its unique vantage point on the The Pearl, White Palace also offers guests and event organizers the most spectacular views of the Doha skyline, inclusive of a large terrace, overlooking The Pearl’s picturesque Yacht Marina, that can be used for VIP parties, receptions, lounging, outdoor dining and much more.

The views through the windows, depending on the perspective, offer views of adjacent Yacht Marina, or the majestic Doha City Skyline.


Starting from the quaint ground floor foyer, guests experience an elevated level of hospitality. Equipped with an information desk and digital displays, this is the first glimpse of what lies ahead.

From here, glass and gold elevators take guests up to a larger reception area upstairs which offers the full host of options for event organizers.


An elaborate reception area awaits guests as they disembark from the elevators. Lush carpeting and comfortable lounging options are available for waiting guests, including a full reception or registration desk, which also houses a discreet backdoor coat check room for miscellaneous items of attire that guests would like to check in for safekeeping while they enjoy the rest of the event.

A secondary reception area is available for ushering in guests directly from the fountain courtyard in the center of the building complex that houses Yasmine Palace.


High ceilings and intricately adorned hallways loop around the venue to lead guests on to the journey ahead. Even within this seemingly unassuming space, every detail was carefully selected to suit the cultural and stylistic needs of our discerning clientele.

Beautiful chandeliers, soft lights and comfortable VIP chairs usually align the wide hallways, which reveal the first signs of the elaborate size and design of the venue.


Multiple toilets are available throughout the venue to meet the needs of all guests. Beautifully adorned, with private stalls and premium sanitary solutions, these areas offer all guests the ability to freshen up throughout the event.


The staff at every level are trained to deliver excellence. However their passion is what you will appreciate the most.

From your assigned liaison officer to the wait staff, chefs, technical experts and the many artists who help you create the perfect occasion, White Palace has some of the most talented people you will see in town.

Our singular mission is to boldly do what has never been done before and to take you to fantastic destinations full of sensational ideas and great memories for all.


During events, guest can rely on dedicated guest parking spaces at the adjacent parking towers (30 & 31), which can each house up to 600 guest vehicles.

When dropping off guests at the main entrance, guest vehicles will be able to use these parking spots during an event. All locations are built for disabled access and are within short walking distance of the main entrance to White Palace.


Bringing together many decades of culinary experience spanning the world, our chefs envision and deliver culinary masterpieces that tantalize the taste buds as well as the eyes. Flavors of Andalusia, The Levant and Arabia fuse with inspiration from all over the world in an elaborate spread that serves the needs of every event. Menus are tailored to specific needs, featuring traditional favorites and modern reinterpretations of the classics.