Food & Beverage

We ensure that you are always able to choose from an array of food options to suit your personal tastes. Enjoy a planned food tasting prior to any event where you can interact with the culinary team and work towards building an experience that suits your specific event.

Our banqueting team is equally adept at local and regional cuisine, as well as creating special dishes for numerous international palettes. They will also create bespoke signature drinks and dishes to suit the theme of the occasion, or client preferences.


Our chefs serve up inspired creations that were inspired by Qatari home cooking, accentuated with stylish presentation and the freshest ingredients.

We can customize entire banquets for special occasions based on a very traditional menu and cherished drinks.


Our Levantine & Andalusian fusion menu is an entirely exhilarating concoction of flavor and texture. We offer the classics and the creatively redesigned specialties that make Levantine Cuisine world renowned.

Authentic ingredients are sourced especially for our guests and menu items evolve with seasonal availability.

Levantine banquets are among our most popular options for special occasions and can be customized for every client.


Continental and International menu options are available for those wishing to add diversity to their banqueting options.

This includes a wide selection of international canapés, appetizers and welcome drinks, as well as main courses and dessert items


The private business lunch option is available, on reservation, every weekday. Single or multiple tables for up to 10 people (customizable) can be reserved in conjunction with a selected set menu, as well as other corporate needs, such as an adjacent meeting room for presentations or meetings as part of the overall activity.


We offer our patrons with exclusive Outside Catering Services for special events at any external location of your choice. These include private and corporate functions and they can be adapted to suit every requirement.

Each chosen menu will be prepared with customary White Palace flair and it can be customized to your needs, including special items to suit specific dietary considerations.

We offer highly trained staff for food service, supported by event ushers, emcees and technical engineers to ensure the effortless organization of your event. Our team specializes in VIP events and delivering an elevated level of service.


For the best results, consider White Palace as your partners in the full set-up of an extraordinary dining experience.

We will help you set up the chosen venue to a very high standard. This includes the rental and provision of equipment for all venue set-up options, seating formations, the selection of cutlery and tableware, as well as customized table dressings and place cards for your guests.

Through our group companies, we can also help you produce decorations, signage and branded materials for the venue. Added-value services include the hire of world-class audiovisual equipment, stage or lighting solutions, venue design fabrication, entertainment options and specialized technical staff for each event.

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