A venue ideal for trade missions and private or public meetings and presentations. Host exclusive corporate events at White Palace such as company anniversaries, Iftar, town halls and much more.

Consider our private board rooms for high-level corporate meetings or annual shareholder meetings using our private boardrooms, a Majlis and large conference hall


Our large halls can be used to host Conferences, large and small. With sufficient space for primary staging areas as well as rooms and segmented primary rooms, White Palace is a unique destination that is unrivalled in Qatar.

The design of the venue also offers organizers the ability to host smaller parallel sessions for plenary panels, as well as separate B2B meetings, all equipped with a full array of audiovisual solutions.


A birthday bash or a quiet reverie with loved ones. We help you make lasting memories. A venue for haute couture and private shows, with backdoor access and extended audiovisual solutions An ideal location for a graduation or recognition ceremony, debate or students activity


A prestigious charitable event or a formal dinner party – imagine the potential! Think of White
Palace for an exclusive auction or show of fine art or memorabilia.


Fit for weddings and private engagements of every size, White Palace employs a team of experts who have delivered some of the most amazing wedding experiences in the world for clientele ranging from members of royal families to people seeking a never before seen experience.


We ensure that you are always able to choose from an array of food options to suit your personal tastes. Enjoy a planned food tasting prior to any event where you can interact with the culinary team and work towards building an experience that suits your specific event. Our banqueting team is equally adept at local and regional cuisine, as well as creating special dishes for numerous international palettes. They will also create bespoke signature drinks and dishes to suit the theme of the occasion, or client preferences.


The private business lunch option is available, on reservation, every weekday. Single or multiple tables for up to 10 people (customizable) can be reserved in conjunction with a selected set menu, as well as other corporate needs, such as an adjacent meeting room for presentations or meetings as part of the overall activity.


The venue, due to its architectural style, is ideal for consumer shows and exhibitions, with a range of design modules available to make each event unique. Through our Group companies, we can also offer you to a full range of logistics, design, production, installation and management solutions to fit every exhibition requirement.


For major events such as weddings we provide backdoor access to a full salon, adjacent to the venue, which can be closed down for the occasion to house makeup stations, professional artists with extensive kits, and offer relaxing massage or aromatherapy rooms to allow the entire party to enter the venue completely relaxed.

This includes custom fabrication of the environment, special VIP services, floral arrangements, bespoke gifts, themed adornments, and much more.